Whole30, day 29

The day before last!

The funny thing is that people are starting to ask each other what is the food item they will indulge on day 31. And my answer is none really. I got so used not to have the stuff that I don’t miss them. Yes, I did had some craving at the beginning, but I’m not really in a rush to incorporate them again. This Whole30 was actually to get back on track no not having them as often as I was having before (hello, chocolate and beer???).

So I don’t really have anything in mind. I’ll probably just go on with what I’m doing, just relaxing a bit in regards to trying to control the hidden ingredientes. For example, I’ll be able to go for cafeteria food occasionally if I don’t get a chance to prepare my own food, not worring too much about the canola oil they use. But no indulging planned.

At least that’s the plan. Let’s see how the next couple of days go…

Today at the first meal, I decided to give an end to my paté. It was still good, but have been in the fridge for a couple of weeks now and I don’t want to risk having it go bad. So I had eggs with the remaining of my paté.


For lunch I packed a salad. The idea was to also pack a can of sardines to top the salad with, but I forgot to grab it. I also forgot to put my workout clothes in the car, meaning that I had to make a stop at Fred Meyers to buy myself some new workout clothes and a can of sardines!

I could not find the ones I’m used to buy, so I decided to explore and check the ones they had. After some label reading, I bought King Oscar, Mediterranean style sardines, with extra virgin olive oil, herbs of Provence, red bell pepper and black olives. It is also wild caught and in a bpa-free can.

In the salad I also had power greens, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, mini peppers, kimchi and capers, dressed with Tessemae’s Zesty Vinaigrette dressing.


Then for dinner I cooked a steak with mustard and coconut aminos and had it with green beans, which I also dressed with the zesty vinaigrette.


One more day to go!


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