Whole30, day 30 and last!

Today is the last day of Whole30. Not the last day of eating good food, though. Maybe just the last day of taking pictures of all my meals and writing a journal on that.

As I mentioned yesterday I had no indulging plans, but let’s wait until tomorrow to see how I react with my newly acquired freedom 😉 .

Today the day went well.

For meal 1, I had eggs, which were seasoned with curry powder and salt and nothing else.


Then for meal 2 I was supposed to attend a pic nic at my daughter’s school. As I was preparing her stuff just before leaving for the school, I realized I wasn’t too hungry and I was also afraid of taking the time to heat my meal and being late for her. So I snacked on a beef hot dog with mustard and maio (all compliant) and decided to postpone the big meal for after I was back home, a little bit over an hour later.

After the picnic I was hungry! I grabbed a freshly delivered (last night) box from Outside the Box. This time it was pork belly with zucchini and butternut squash. Yum!


After lunch I headed to the office, and my mom was the one picking the kid up in school. She took her to a mall and asked me to bring my little one there too, because she had promised both to buy them new shoes, and the idea was to do that today.

So after work, we picked up my youngest daughter and went to the mall for some shopping and also dinner at a restaurant.

If we left it for my parents to decide they’ll go to Cheesecake Factory every time they’re at the mall. So this time, just for the sake of changing, we proposed Maggiano’s Little Italy, which was something we figured they’d like too (they’re pickier than me! just on a different style 😉 ).

For me, honestly, it was a bit hard to choose because they serve almost everything with pasta. But not every thing, so I asked for a balsamic glazed salmon with grilled asparagus. It was pretty good and a nice end to this voyage…!!!

wpid-wp-1434032769501.jpegAnd that was it, for my 5th version of Whole30!


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