Whole30, weekend 4 (days 27 and 28)

Another weekend and a busy one! Also one that had the grill working hard both days.

On Saturday, we had our anual hike to Rattlesnake ledge with the workout group, from which lots of people are also doing the Whole30 together this month. I was able to bring my daughter, who was tempted by the idea of a post-hike barbecue with pool and play area.

Before the hike I decided to do a protein based breakfast that also included some carbs and went for a sweet potato hash with paté and one fried egg.


The hike was nice. Bruna and I stayed behind because we were pausing for cherries all the time, but I loved doing it with her. When we reached the top we had a snack on some more cherries and a Paleo Simplified bar (she loved it!). Also lots of water both ways to fight the heat.

After the hike, we went for a barbecue at the house of a friend. Each person brought something to eat, some were Whole30 compliant and some were not. I had some beef skewers, a balsamic cherry tomato salad and the chicken I brought. The chicken was a big hit, just like in the past 2 times I did it. It was the Paleo Glazed Chicken Wings, from meatified. It is indeed super tasty and went fast. I didn’t really took a picture of the food at lunch time, so here’s an old picture from the first time I tried the chicken (at Superbowl earlier his year).


Then, in the evening, the girls went for a sleep over with grandparents and I was tired and lazy to cook, so hubby and I went out for dinner then back home, just so I didn’t have to cook. For whatever weird reason I felt like I wanted a burger, so we ended up at Red Hook, where I ordered a Kobe Burger with no bun and no cheese (the white creamy stuff on top was aioli).


Then on Sunday, I was still sort of lazy to get creative at meal 1 and did simple eggs with nothing added to them.


Meal 2 was barbecue again, but this time Brazilian style. My husband and a group of friends are big F1 fans and they always go to one circuit every year. They just came back from Barcelona not too long ago and now it’s time to start deciding where to go next. So one of the guys invited us over for barbecue and F1-watching at his place, with the idea of watching the race, eating good food, hanging out with friends, but also of starting the discussions to decide next year’s destination.

I munched on meat all day long. We had sausages (propably non-compliant, as I’m pretty sure they contained sugar), beef, chicken heart, farofa and vinaigrette (this time with no MSG!). The item I eat the most was the chicken hearts, since they’re the ones that are harder to find, so I don’t get to eat them often.


But after munching on meat all day long, dinner was very light. I was starting to get hungry, but didn’t want anything too heavy, so I had an avocado, some olives, some nuts and sparkling water.


Good, fun, hot and yummy weekend!




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