Whole30 – the days after

So day 30 was on Tuesday and we’re already on Friday.

I haven’t yet indulged on anything too extremely off-plan, but I did some little indulging on day 31.

On juices!

Yep, I don’t mind drinking water, but I still like to have fruit juices some times and the prohibition of them during the Whole30 make me want them on day 31.

So for lunch I had a little can of no sugar added grapefruit juice, at dinner, a glass or orange juice, but the biggest was the afternoon snack, when I snacked on a Naked Smoothie.


So it wasn’t too bad. 😉

The other little thing was that I had some cashews that had been roasted with peanut oil.

Then today, Friday, the afternoon was stressful at work and I found myself snacking more than I needed. Hum… need to change that!

But overall, even after the end of the program, the big meals have still been compliant, and I haven’t really tried to reintroduce anything yet.


In regard to results, they were not as drastic as the first time, but still noticeable. The ones that called my attention the most were:

  • No chocolate/sugar cravings
  • Tiger blood
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved performance at work, due probably to no brain fog
  • Lost 6.5 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist
  • More patient with family members
  • Happier!

Yay to Whole30 again!


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