Today I am at home sick. Yesterday afternoon I started with a sore throat that did not allow me to sleep well. So this morning I decided to drop off the kids in school and come back home for some deserved rest.

Came lunch time and I was home alone with a fridge full of possibilities.
I love that, because those days are the days I can create my gororobas.

Gororoba is a Portuguese word that sounds like nothing too appetizing. Translating the definition from the dictionary, it would be, among other things:

1. food
2. food that was not well done, low quality food
3. mix, confusion, clutter

And those are the ideas that always come to my mind when I hear the word. Although, when I’m the one cooking a gororoba, then I leave Number 2 above out and make it delicious.
But it’s still a mixed, confusing, cluttered food.
In other words, I mix of whatever I find in my fridge and pantry, all together in the same frying pan.

Today’s version had minced onions and garlic, mushroom, leeks, red pepper, carrots, tomato, zucchini, cauliflower, jalapeno, fresh ginger, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and sardines, cooked in olive oil and topped with a pinch of Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt.

Some pictures:

The ingredients for today’s gororoba

Gororoba ingredients


In the making

Gororoba in the making


Plated and ready to be devoured

Plated and ready to be devoured


All gone!

All gone!


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