Happy Valentine’s Day

Last Friday I reintroduced white rice.

The initial plan as to reintroduce hard cheese on Monday, then soft cheese either Wednesday or Thursday so I had at least one day to observe before the trip.
But then I saw this video:

and decided I really wanted to make a heart shaped caprese salad for Valentines day, which would be an awesome way to reintroduce soft cheese, and also would please hubby who really likes caprese and has mentioned recently that he misses it.

With that, the second reintroduction was today and I may not have time for a third one (unless today’s mozzarella does not do anything tomorrow and I decide I can try hard cheeses on Thursday…)

On the menu for Valentine’s dinner, we then had the heart shaped caprese salad, kale and steak with onion and garlic puree. Delicious!

And that’s how it turned out.

img_20170214_195026I also planned for a grain free chocolate lava cake, but my oven is not working properly, so I couldn’t bake anything. Had to postpone then. 😦
My daughter was sad about it because she helped me make the dough and really wanted to consume. So now I’m trying to decide if I risk cooking it on the stove top somehow, or if I freeze it and save it for after having my oven fixed (which won’t happen before we’re back from vacations).

As for the consequences of today’s mozzarella, I can’t really tell quite yet. I’ll post if I notice anything different in the next couple of days.


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