#JanuaryWhole30 – the days after…

So my January Whole 30 ended on February 9th, which was 3 days ago.

Here’s the report of the changes I noticed during it, and the effects of reintroducing one single item.

My non-scale victories were

  • consistent energy,
  • the easy peasy PMS + period,
  • clean skin,
  • good nights,
  • good mood.

The scale victories were lowering 6.5 lb in weight and 2% in body fat. From the initial 136.5 lb and 31% fat to 130 lb and 29% fat.

I took pictures with the exact same clothing I was wearing on day 1 and you can see some difference. Not much, because the weight loss wasn’t dramatic and also because the clothes are not very flattering, but we can still see that the cloth is looser on the second set.


Other results I wished I had seen better and the wild guess as to why I haven’t:

  • sweet cravings: this one I must say was a partial victory They are certainly far away from where they were when I started, but they still linger a bit. But I haven’t been giving in to them. The only indulging I had yesterday was one tiny piece of the fruit and nut Toblerone my husband brought us. And it wasn’t even that great. I really got used to dark chocolate and can’t handle the extreme sweetness of the milk chocolate anymore (he also brought me some dark chocolate, but I’m saving those for later, after the reintroduction is done, as they have soy lecithin).
  • joint pains: I’m not saying they re really bothering me, but they still show up sometimes, differently from previous Whole30s. My guesses as for why they haven’t vanished completely this time:
    1. I started whole30 at the same time I went back into working out after many months, and some days I felt almost like I was over exercising. Maybe I was!
    2. I had a lot of tea and supplements during the period, and although I couldn’t see anything uncompliant of their labels, sometimes things can be sneaked in…
    3. I just need more time than 30 days this time…

Then Friday, on day 31, I reintroduced white rice. I had it twice. First with ground beef-stuffed mini peppers for lunch, then with Thai green curry at a restaurant for dinner.


I’m still struggling to ‘decide’ what seems like a consequence of it, and what not.
I guess I’ll nave to observe more on the next time I eat rice to come to a conclusion.
But the suspects are:

  • bloating (this one is for sure. I had a little bit at lunch and more at dinner. Probably because of the amount of rice I had at dinner was bigger than the one I had at lunch. Maybe also because lunch was rice I cooked myself after soaking it for 24 hours, and dinner was elsewhere and I have no clue how it was prepared…
  • headache: this one was just a threat shortly after lunch, so maybe I shouldn’t consider. Or should I?
  • hard stools: yes, you read it right. To be extremely honest (and give some TMI) stools were fluctuating between harder and good ones throughout the program, but since the rice it seems to be consistently hard. But… because it was fluctuating, I can’t claim the rice was to blame, even if maybe it was this time.
  • joint pains: As I mentioned above, I didn’t completely got rid of those, but I must not fail to recognize that my wrists are hurting more in the past couple days.

One thing is for sure about the rice, though. It certainly takes out space in my plate that could be occupied by much yummier and more nutritious food. The only reason I decided to have a confirmation of its effects was indeed practicality and also sushi and its spiciness combating properties for when I want a super spicy curry.

Next step is to try cheese. I was thinking do hard cheeses one day, wait a couple days, and then do soft cheeses. Or maybe the other way around (so I can do a valentines heart-shaped caprese salad???). The problem with that approach is that I’d like the first one to happen on Tuesday because it will give my body more time to recover from then excess rice, and also because it’s valentines and I really wanted to do a cute caprese. The problem is that I travel on Saturday, so I may not have enough time to do the other one and be able to eat clean for a few days to evaluate…


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