#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 29

Day 29! That means that’s almost it! Yay!

I almost decided to write only tomorrow, but then I figures that the last 2 days deserve a post for each, so here I am after a really busy day (have been to kids school 4 times today!!! + a make up class of swimming) writing my little food journal, so tomorrow can have an entry of its own.

The day, as I said above was very busy and I almost didn’t spend time at home. Back and forth from school several times, from morning drop off, to volunteering in 3rd grade classroom, to volunteering in after school program to attending the spelling bee competition, where my little one would participate…

But in spite of all the ins and outs, I was still able to do all my meals at home and I did it well.

In the morning I had eggs with a little leftover from the ground beef we’ve been eating this week. he amount left wasn’t enough for a lunch or dinner meal, so I decided to add it to my eggs.

Meal 2 was the most varied one, but it turned out a bit saltier than I planned. For lunch I had smoked salmon, zucchini and eggplant, and rainbow chard. I added salt normally to the veggies, but since the veggies were all warm, I decided to warm up the salmon a little bit too, and THAT always makes me regret, by causing the salmon to become extremely salty. But it was still good, though.

Dinner was late, after we came back from the spelling bee (and helping with the chairs at the school gym), but still good and compliant. We had beef cooked with coconut aminos (my quick and easy solution for hurried nights) and on the side, asparagus and mini peppers.


Now, for the last day tomorrow!!!! Yoo-hoo!



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