#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 28

Another snow day. Or should I say ice day. The snow stopped yesterday afternoon and started to melt, but this morning there was still so much ice that the schools decided they would not open. To be honest, I think it was a bit unnecessary, but I also don’t know how bad it was out there. All I know is that kids stayed home again today.

I also started another 30-day workout routine. This time I may choose to follow only 3 or 4 times a week, instead of every day. I also picked abs this time (last month I did full body). But today was day 1, which means it was pretty easy.

As for the food, I did fine, the only exception was that I snaked much more than I’d have liked. a bit in the morning (I believe out of annoyance with the weather, which is exactly one of the behaviors I am trying to fix with this Whole30) and then more in the afternoon (this time out of hunger indeed, as lunch was smaller than it should have been).

I also started to plan/research on the tiny reintroduction I want to do once the 30 days are over. There are 2 items I;d like to reintroduce to:

  • learn a bit better how they affect me
  • confirm that they are ok in moderation

One item is white rice. I never really cared about rice, but I’d like to confirm that it doesn’t hurt me much for a few reasons:

  1. practicity – I always have white rice at home for the kids, and it would be nice to feel safe to have some if I run out of veggies or if I’m in a hurry and don’t want to prepare anything fresh
  2. sushi! – I’m totally ok eating sashimi, but a sushi sometimes would be lovely
  3. curries – as you may have noticed in the past month, I love Thai curry. I don’t really need to rice to eat them, but… rice does help with the spiciness. At home I can do it mildly and at restaurants I can order 2 stars only, but sometimes I want to feel it spicier. Sometimes I want a 3 or 4 stars, and for that rice is essential

The other item on my reintroduction list is cheese.

When I reintroduced diary on a previous Whole30 I felt bloated and my skin flared up. I have also noticed throughout the years (since breastfeeding times with my older daughter) that  cutting on diary helps me with weight loss. Quite considerably, actually. But a little cheese sometimes would be so welcome! And I actually do eat them. So the reintroduction would be more to try to define how my body reacts to hard cheeses vs. to soft cheeses, so I again can feel more comfortable and safe when choosing what to indulge in.

But today is still day 28, so no cheese or rice quite yet, right? 🙂

My first meal today was eggs and avocado.

The second one, was ground beef with eggplant and zucchini. The amount of veggies wasn’t much, though, and I guess that didn’t help with the ‘need’ to snack in the boring ice day afternoon.

Dinner was better. I had the last wings with a very garlicky green beans, olives, and pickled pearl onions and peppers.







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