#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 27

We had a snow day today! That means another full day with the girls, playing and having fun (and not doing stuff I planned). But it was a very nice day.

I’ve been feeling much better (although the throat sometimes still scratch a little, although I guess now is more due to the dryness of the air than anything else and my energy is back up.

I haven’t yet started to workout again. The plan was to do it today, but the snow day changed my plans and I build a snowman and engaged on a snow fight instead ;o) Not was tough, but mush more fun.

Food wise, my meal 1 was the same as always. Eggs and coffee.

At meal 2, I had some of the chicken wings, ginger cauliflower rice, a few florets of broccoli and some slices of grilled eggplant. I don’t buy eggplant too often because hubby does not like it, but I really love it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bigger amount of it for lunch…

Meal 3 was picnic’ing in front of the screen again, watching Harry Potter with the girls again (this time, The Prisoner of Azkaban). At the menu, zoodles and ground beef.


Tomorrow life won’t be back to normal quite yet, as the schools will be starting with a 2 hour delay, if they don’t decide to close again… Let’s see how it goes.





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