#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 26

Day 26 was Superbowl day! My team wasn’t playing, but the event is still worth a viewing party.

And that sets the meal structure off track. I had a Meal 1 and a Meal 2 at somewhat regular hours, but shortly after the second meal, I went to my friends house to watch the game and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening sorta munching. I made sure to munch only on compliant stuff, but still can’t really talk about snacks and meal 3, since it was sorta merged throughout a few hours…

Meal 1, guess what I had (and did not take a picture of)? Yes, you’re right: Eggs!

Meal 2 was ground beef, half a tomato and half an avocado. It was a late lunch and I was going to my friend’s for superbowl, so I decided not to eat too much at home. It was still a good amount that satisfied me at the moment, it was just not big enough to make me not hungry until dinner time.

Then for superbowl, I brought paleo glazed chicken wings (recipe from Meatified) to make sure there would be compliant protein for me. I had a few of those and some cutties, carrots and lots of water.

When I got home I wanted to chew on something crunchy though. So I went for a few macadamias, then I finished with a banana with almond butter and a couple more of the leftover wings.

So, as you can see totally unstructured meal 3.


And the team I was supporting didn’t even win! No fair!
But all right. Having being able to revert the game the way they did, made the Patriots deserve the win.
Well done New England. Congrats!




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