#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 24

Day 24 was a very lazy one. The thing that is trying to get me does not give up and period came, which made me fell sort of low in energy.

No workout at all (actually the 30-Day workout challenge ended yesterday! Yay! Will give a few days before starting a new one).

In the morning, I had breakfast with family, including hubby, who usually leaves home before I got up. Today he’s travelling, so he stayed home until time to go to the airport. Breakfast was egg, as always, and I can’t find a picture now, although I do remember taking one. Oh well, it was just eggs. Actually I guess I can decide to stop taking pictures of eggs, unless I prepare them on a different way, right?

Then, after dropping off the kids at school, I drove hubby to the airport and when I got home I was so sleepy that I decided to go for a nap.

At meal 2, I had the last piece of chicken, asparagus with onions and butternut squash.

But because I was so low energy, I did not cook anything for dinner before I had to leave with the girls again for swimming class, and after the class we always get home late to start cooking something anyways. The solution? Eat out. They both likes the idea, but the oldest said she didn’t want to go for a burger place, she’d like either Thai or Mexican. Wow! That made mom very proud and happy too! We went for Thai, then, where I ordered a panang curry, with prawns and no rice, which I eat like a delicious soup.



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