#JanuaryWhole30 – Days 22 and 23

Two days in one post again again. This time just because yesterday I was so sleepy when I had the chance to write, that I chose to sleep instead.

Both days were pretty good. Active in regards to exercising, but also in being in and out of home, which was cool. Yesterday my outings were mostly school related, where I’ve been volunteering for 2 different activities at two different times of the day every Wednesday. Today, I met a friend for lunch at my old workplace and decided to also pay a visit to come other friends that are in the same building as he is. It was really nice seeing them all today.

Food wise it got a little repetitive at times, but all of the food was very good.

Day 22 started with eggs and the last bit of sardine salad I saved from the day before.
Then for meal 2 I did some turmeric zoodles and had it with a brined and then sous vide (can’t get more tender than that, can it?) chicken.
Meal 3 saw the same chicken, but this time I topped with tomatoes, onions and oregano, from the Beef Pizzaiolo recipe I did for hubby (he does not eat chicken…). As a side, green beans cooked with coconut aminos. Overall I thought it was saltier than I’d have liked, but still tasty. Hubby didn’t think it was too salty, so I was either too sensitive to salt (it can happen on some periods of a girl’s month), or it was the chicken.

For day 23, I had sweet potato hash with 3 fried eggs on my first meal.
The second meal was supposed to include my last piece of chicken, but a friend, with whom I was supposed to meet tomorrow for lunch, called me in the morning asking if ok to transfer lunch to today instead. I was planning to spend the day doing laundry, so totally yes to leave the house and meet friends for lunch! hehe. We met at the cafeteria of his building and I grabbed a few slices of roast beef, a side of roasted squash (yellow and zucchini) and another side of carrots and parsnips. He’s a former vegan guy who went back into eating meat, but just a bit, so he looked at my plate and asked “is that the paleo thing?”. Funny thing is that he was supposed to know, since we have lunches together frequently and I’ve been doing the “Paleo thing” for the past 3 1/2 years…
Dinner time had another repeat, but this time on the side. I had a beef stew with green beans again. But just so it would not taste exactly like yesterdays, today I prepared the green beans on a different way, and seasoned it with garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, ginger, salt and pepper. I really liked it that way. Will do it again for sure.



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