#JanuaryWhole30 – Days 20 and 21

Two days in one post again. Last night I chose to prepare a cake to sing happy birthday to my mom with the kids this morning via video call, rather than writing here.

Today my mom turned 70, with a face of 50 and a spirit of 30. She’s awesome. But we’re far, so I did a small cake, just to be able to sing happy birthday to her. I didn’t even try, but the kids did and did not like. It seems Whole30 nulls even the capacity of baking a proper cake. hahaha. Maybe it does that so I won’t get tempted to try a piece. I’d say there is no need for that. Cake is something I do not miss at all and would not be tempted by…. (unless maybe it was a lava cake, but it wasn’t… 😉 )

But let’s not talk about cake today.

BTW, today is also day 30 for those who started #JanuaryWhole30 on the 2nd, like me, but who, unlike me, didn’t have to rest the count… Way to go to all of you guys out there finishing today…

For me, I still have a few more days left…

The past two days were very active, full of energy and good food.

Yesterday I started the day with eggs, on which I added a few leftover pieces of the asparagus from the day before.
But kids had no school and I decided to take them out of the home in the morning. Our outing ended up taking longer than I expected and with that we decided to have lunch on the road and stopped at a RedRobin. At the restaurant I went for the one I always choose when Whole30’ing, but instead of simply asking with no bun, this time I asked wrapped in lettuce The sandwich of the choice is the DGB, which is a burger topped with dried tomatoes and arugula.
Then at night, already at home, we had the Kalua pig with carrots and parsnips, stir fried with  fresh thyme and oregano. Definitely the best meal of the day.

Today, my eggs were seasoned with herbs and I had them with half an avocado.
The weather cleared up and at lunch time it was gorgeously sunny. This does not mean warm, much on the contrary, the sunny days tend to be the coldest one in winter. But just seeing the sun and the blue sky made me feel like eating a salad. So I mixed a sardine salad (like a tuna salad, but with canned sardines instead) and put it on top of a mix of spinach and arugula, and some tomatoes and mini peppers. I know tuna salad is much more common, but I remember back home when I was a kid we used to do it with sardines too. I believe even more often than with tuna, if I remember well…
The evening came so we could finish our Kalua pig, and tha’s what we did. So Meal 3 was Kalua pig with purple kale, onions, tomatoes and heart of palms. I forgot to take a picture of it, though, but I guess you’ve probably seen enough of Kalua pig, right… ;o)

jw30-d20-21Now, I’ll go on with my Whole30 for 9 more days, while the rest of the community start their reintroduction. I did reintroductions before and then never again, but this time I’m thinking about it. I won’t have much time before the mid-winter break trip, so I’ll choose only one or two items. More on that when it’s closer to the date.


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