#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 19

Today I’m feeling MUCH better. Energy is back and I feel good. Throat sometimes scratches a bit, but nothing compared with the past days. Yay!

So much that I went back to my workout routine this morning. Yay again!

Food was good all day.

Yesterday, then I was shredding my vegetables for the rösti, I ended up shredding more than my pan could hold, and saved the overflow for today’s breakfast. So today I had a sort of a vegetables hash with fried eggs. Delicious!

Meal 2 was the Kalua pig (you will see a lot of it in the next few meals), with a small salad and asparagus. The asparagus I made with onions on a dressing/marinade that I decided to pour directly at the pan to cook the veggies. It was first time trying this dressing, Greek Vinaigrette from Primal Kitchen. Totally approved!

Meal 2 was again the Kalua pig, with a slightly bigger salad and half an avocado.



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