#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 18

There is definitely something trying to catch me. The throat feels better, but my energy levels today were close to zero. I felt like spending the entire day in bed doing nothing. With that I skipped my workout, and the only thing that resembled exercise today was to walk my daughter to a birthday party a few blocks away and then back. Pick up was made by dad and driving, since it was much darker and colder at pick up time. And we can’t even claim lack of sleep because I was in bed for 10 hours between last night and this morning…

But I still think I’m healthier than I would normally be. Usually after a night of severe throat ache, I fall seriously sick. But in spite of the low energy (my body seems to be fighting hard whatever it is that’s trying to attack it) and an occasional scratch of the throat, I feel overall well. Yay to a healthier and efficient immune system!

But because I was lacking on energy today, I took the liberty to make a couple of little snacks today. Mostly macadamias and/or fruits. And in my main meals I tried to add some good carbs.

On meal 1 I added the last bits of my flank steak to the eggs, and had half an avocado along with them.

Meal 2 was the super yummy slow cooker Kalua pig, from nom nom paleo, which I started last night thinking about today’s lunch time. To go with it I decided to get creative and shredded a bunch of vegetables (namely: russet potato, white sweet potato, leeks, golden beets and mini peppers) and did a sort of a rösti. It was a bit messy to flip it, but it turned out pretty good. Next time I may add a bit more salt, but no real complains about the taste.

Meal 3 was sandwich for family again. This time hot dogs. For me, I was going to have the same hot dog, but then upon reading the label I realized it wasn’t compliant, as it contained dextrose and non-fat dry milk. So I got one of my compliant chicken sausages, sliced it, cooked with a bit of tomato sauce and nutritional yeast, and had it on top of sweet potato toast, and salad, finishing it up with spicy mustard.


Now, I’ll try to go to bed early again to see if tomorrow I’ll be more energetic. Night night.


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