#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 17

Today the day was so freackingly extremely tiring!!!

It all started last night with a throat ache. Throat ache is always the first symptom that I’m catching something, and it always comes at night and don’t let me sleep, which doesn’t help with the immune system, right? Last night was that night. Before bed I notice it coming and had a cup of tea to try to soothe it. I lay down after finishing my tea a bit before 11. Then at 1:30 and woke up with a bladder full the my throat burning. It was really hard to fall deeply asleep again, until 3 AM when I decided to gargle with warm salted water. The gargling didn’t help immediately, but with time it got better and I was able to get some rest, but just some and not extremely restful. And last night of all nights!!!

The night before a job interview, and the second day taking care of 4 kids and having to drive them all to swimming class. = a day where I needed to be very sharp and full of energy.

Throughout the day I gargled a few more times and had a lot of vitamin C too.

But in spite of this….

The interview seems to have been good. I’m very rusted on that, so I may have had the wrong impression, but I left the office with confidence. It was still 10:30 and my birthday friend with whom I’d have lunch cancelled on me. So I decided to take the time and have a stroll around the city, going down to Pike Place Market, which is always an awesome place to visit.

On the way I stopped at the little café that was below my old office (11 years on next Tuesday since I gave them my 2-week notice that I was leaving). The city has changed and that building, a 2 floor little cozy building in the middle of sky scrapers jungle, is due to be put down, with the offices empty and a notice of public hearing for plans for that site. It will be sad to see the cafe go. It was a very nice one, with good coffee and where our little gossiping used to happen. ;o)


In the afternoon, the kids were giving me a hard time, by fighting all the time. And THAT, together with the sleep deprived night, together with the emotions of a job interview made me feel exhausted today!

Now to the food, because the food was good.

Meal 1 I did eggs with ginger and turmeric, to see if I could boost my immune system.

Meal 2 ended up being back at home, since lunch was cancelled. I had a few more pieces of yesterday’s flank, and sided it with okra and golden beets.

Meal 3 was a burger, with white sweet potatoes for buts. The toppings were compliant mustard, spinach and arugula salad, onions and avocado. It was good. I actually liked the white sweet potato better than the yam as a bun.

For drinking, all I had today was warm liquids, like coffee and tea, with the exception of the water I had in order to swallow my vitamins.

Before going to bed I may do either another tea or maybe some golden milk with coconut milk.


Now I’ll try to get some good rest and enjoy not having to wake up early tomorrow (not before gargling with warm salted water again… ;o)


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