#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 16

Today was a tiring day. I spend the morning at home cleaning and organizing, I did my workout, which was not too intense but was very long, and then I took care of 4 kids in the afternoon, my 2 and my friend’s 2. Not sure what was the mort tiring of all. hehehe (ok, ok, it was the workout. the kids did good and I didn’t really have trouble with them. ;o)

I did get a bit more inspired with my cooking today.

Meal 1, was eggs with herbs, with some prosciutto and olives. To drink, today I creamed by coffee with home made almond milk. I made the milk a couple days ago and could have used it yesterday but completely forgot. Today I remembered and was glad. I like black coffee, but a little creamer sometimes helps keep things interesting.


Meal 2 was one of my trouts. Today I seasoned it with herbed salt and made it in papilotte with lots of butter. to go with it, sliced and pan fried zucchini and potato-parsnip puree.

There was just one thing today that was not ideal. At about 4 PM I was serving a snack for the kids and ended up snacking too. And on fruits only, which is not advisable by the Whole30 standards. But the other options were not compliant (pão de queijo and chocolate), so the fruits were the best option anyways.

For Meal 3, I seasoned a flank steak with yellow mustard and coconut aminos and cooked it sous vide. Yum! Green beans was the choice of side.


Tomorrow is interview day, so I guess I’ll try to go to bed earlier today to be feeling awesome tomorrow. But this also means that tomorrow I’ll eat out again. The interview is until 11 and my friend, whoso birthday is tomorrow, is working at a building almost cross the street from where I’ll be, so we’ll be having lunch together. She suggested a salad restaurant. I have already taken a look at their menu on the website and decided I’ll assemble my own salad instead of going with the pre-made ones…



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