#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 15

Very active day today. I did my walk and my workout in between 2 different volunteering events at the kids school and lunch with a friend. Then, once at home with the kids, it slowed down a bit, but not too much.

I guess with all those very active days in a row I can tell tiger blood seems to be in. I’ve ben out and about, in and out of the home and full of energy.

Tomorrow it will be slower in the morning, but then I’ll be taking care of my friends kids, which will mean 4 kids at home at the same time… let’s see how I survive THAT! ;o)

Food wise, the day was good again.

At meal 1, I wasn’t too creative, so I did the eggs as usual, just added a flavored Hawaiian salt instead of regular salt. I also had the second half of yesterday’s avocado.

Lunch was with my friend on my previous office building. It was nice seeing her and some other folks we bumped into. And the food on that building is pretty good (and compliant!) too. On my plate today, tri tip roast, roasted potatoes and braised kale. I tried to ask the guy if there was any soy in the trip tip orange sauce, but he couldn’t understand me at all, so I gave up and asked for the meet with no sauce. But it was very good, as always on that station.

Then, for the last meal, I still had a few thin cut steaks, but they were smaller than the ones yesterday. So to compensate, I topped with a grilled slice of prosciutto and salsa. To kids, it was regular ham only, and for hubby, regular ham, cheese and salsa. So each was sort of personalized, and all yummy. On the side, turmeric leeks and mini peppers.


Now half of my Whole30 is done! Up for the second half!


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