#JanuaryWhole30 – Days 13 and 14

Two days in one post. Yesterday the day was intense and when I had the chance to sit in front of the computer it was too late and I chose to wind down by being away from the screen of an electronic device.

The days were good, very active, steady energy levels, sharp mind. All good symptoms of a successful Whole30.

And it was on this context that I had a phone interview with a recruiter yesterday morning. The interview seems to have gone very well and this coming Friday I’ll be meeting the hiring manager for another one, in which we’d discuss the job in more details than the recruiter was able to. Nice!

The food I eat was good too. I even got a few repeats.

Yesterday for dinner, I used the leftover from the curry sauce from the day before to cook my eggs of it. It still tasted a lot like the sardines, but it was still very good. The eggs got poached nicely and the curry…. hum… yum!

Then at lunch I minced a piece of pork I still had in my freezer but that was not big enough for the whole family and cooked it with ginger and lime. Then I had it on top of a zucchini/golden beets noodles, which I cooked in the pork dripping. SUPER yummy! So much that I decided I wanted the same again today with the leftover pork.

Yesterday’s meal 3 was the last (smaller 😦 ) bit of my shepherd’s pie. Today we had the girls try the mash on top (they were never fond of mashes), they didn’t like it much, but at least they tried.

The today, in the morning I went for eggs with half an avocado and salsa.

For lunch I wanted to repeat yesterday’s meal, but the piece of zucchini was smaller, so I complemented it with the potato/parsnip mash I made in excess for the pie.

Dinner was late because I had to cook everything from scratch after arriving late from my daughter’s practice. But in he end I had thin steak with onions (or bife acebolado, as we say in Brazil) and red kale with mixed mushrooms.

Happy tummy!


Tomorrow I’ll be meeting some ex-co-workers for lunch at my previous company’s cafeteria. That building had a nice station, though, that serves meats and veggies, all locally sourced and very well done. The veggies are typically roasted in olive oil or dry, and the grilled meats are cooked with  mix of olive and canola oil. So I know I cannot avoid canola 100% there, but at least it’s just a bit on some of the meats. (and I know that because I used to ask those questions every time I changed buildings… ) If nothing has changed in the cafeteria in the past 2 1/2 months I’m covered then. Let’s see…


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