#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 12

Day 12. Sunday. Rest day on my workout challenge.

Although it was a Sunday, we managed to make our meals on more regular hours than we have been eating on the weekends lately.

Meal 1 included 3 eggs that were fried on top of a chopped tomato and some spinach, and then seasoned with herbed salt and cayenne pepper.

For meal 2, I had some leftovers from yesterday’s curry. But the amount of beef on it would not be enough for all 4 of us. So my solution was to split the beef between hubby and kids, and after all of the beef was out of the pan, add a can of sardines to the sauce and veggies for myself. It was a one dish meal, in the sense that I didn’t add anything to my plate to side it. As for how well the sardines worked with the curry, I’d say it was okay-ish. The taste was nice, but the consistency of the sardines crumbling, in a sauce that was also a bit crumbly (first time using coconut cream, instead of milk), made it feel a little odd. Good though, like any curry ;o)

Meal 3 was delicious. I cooked an adapted version of chef Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for shepherd’s pie. For the masher on top, I used a mix of potatoes and parsnip, which is a combination I really like. Below the mash, ground beef coked with onions, carrots, garlic, thyme, tomato paste and coconut aminos. So good! My husband likes it with rice, which in my opinion has never ever gone nicely with mashes. But oh well. If he likes it I won’t deny him the pleasure But on my plate I had the pie only and that was more than enough, super delicious and satisfying.


Energy levels got more regular again, which is good.


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