#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 11

One thing that I notices happening yesterday and then again today, and which sounds weird in the middle of a Whole30, is that my afternoon energy slump and cravings have returned. That’s really odd, as in past experiences with Whole30 by that time I was totally in tiger blood (beast ;o) mode. Maybe it is more of a mental state? Thursday was a very exciting day, when I got to leave the home and got see new people, on my own, without kids. Then yesterday and today it all went back to normal stay at home, take care of kids, go out to do grocery shopping. Which is something I do enjoy but somehow it got me bored those days. Maybe the anxiety and excitement of the unknown of this whole interview thingy…

But other than this, the day went fine. Workout was with my daughter, which always makes it fun.

For the food, at meal 1 I did simple frambled eggs, which nothing added to it.

Then, Meal 2 was on the go, between a visit to Target and a visit to the grocery store. We ended up going to Tipsy Cow, where I ordered a big eye, with no bun and no soy-ginger dressing. That means: Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Seared Rare, Nori, Wasabi Aioli, Purple Cabbage Slaw. At the side, I also sub’ed the fries for a house salad. It was very good.

Lunch was late, as always on a weekend, so dinner was late too, and closer to bed than it would be good to eat a lot, so for meal 3 I went sort of small and had a compliant chicken sausage, with mini peppers and an avocado, followed by my nightly banana.



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