#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 10

10 days, a third of the way.

Today the day was boring, and I got a bit sleepy in the afternoon and a bit grumpy towards the end of the day. Maybe because of the boredom? Don’t know. But today was certainly not a high energy day.

I did all my exercises, though! Went for a long walk after dropping off kids at school, then my workout routine. The workout was not very long and tiring today, so I did it twice, sort of the compensate from the half I did yesterday…

For Meal 1 I found some leftover veggies I saved from Tuesday’s stir fry, after packing most of the leftovers for the kids lunch on Wednesday. So I used them plus some spinach to mix with my eggs this morning.

At meal 2, I decided to use some beets I had on my fridge. Beets are not a very popular vegetable in our home, but sometimes I like to have it. So I bought some but couldn’t decide how to use them for a few days. The original idea was so roast them on balsamic and herbs, but I never planned enough ahead to afford the roasting time, so they were staying behind. Today I decided to take one of them, slices thinly and cooked at the skillet with carrots (also thinly sliced), fresh oregano and fresh lemon thyme. It was something I improvised but it turned out pretty good, so I guess I may be doing it often now. The protein part was the last 1 1/2 mini meatloaves from Wednesday.

For meal 3 I thawed some beef and felt like eating it in the form of a curry again. And that’s what we had! Red curry with beef, carrots, parsnips, green beans and mini peppers. All on top of a bed of spinach.



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