#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 8

Second day 8 and I guess it’s the last time I say this, since day 9 was the one I decided it was day 0 again. And I hope I won’t be jinxing myself by saying this, but tomorrow I’ll eat on a new place and a really, really hope I will be able to find compliant food. It’s not even a situation where I can be too picky or say I’m not hungry and pass, because I’ll be going for a chat with a prospective employer, who needs someone and thought of me. Yes, she’s sort of an old-time acquaintance, but still, there may be more people involved and an informational is still an informational and I don’t want to impress by being the picky one. I do believe that wherever we go for lunch (I’m assuming their cafeteria) will have salads available and salads are always a safe bet.

But that’s tomorrow, let’s get back to today.

Yesterday the weather has changed radically. The past few weeks had been sunny, dry and cold. Then yesterday rain was in the forecast, and it came strong at around 11 AM, which was nice because it was after my walk. But then this morning, the rain was still there and still strong. I honestly don’t mind walking on rain too much. I would maybe cut it shorter just so I don’t get home soaking, but would still go  And I did. But when I knocked at my walking buddy door, she was considering not walking because of the rain. So she invited me for a coffee in the hopes the rain would subside. And voilà. It did!!! By the time we finished our coffees, the rain had became a drizzle which is certainly something neither of us minding walking to. so off we went. Still a shorter one, but we did walk!

Then at home I did my workout, and at the kid’s school I played a bit with one of the tennis students, when they had to work in pairs but were in an odd number.

Food was pretty awesome today.

For meal 1, the blandest of the meals today, I fire roasted a couple of mini peppers and stuffed it with a few spinach leaves and some of my eggs. It was nice and gave the simple eggs a different flair.

For the second meal I tried a recipe from my newly acquired ad signed copy of the Whole30 Cookbook. It was a recipe for fish en papillote, and it turned out amazing (and super easy to make). I changed very few things on the recipe and very subtly too, due to availability of ingredients (onions instead of shallots, Italian seasoning, instead of herbs de Provence…) and I also used a whole trout, instead of 2 fish fillets. (and being trout, adding all that tomato on top did not help much at the time of deboning it… The picture looks nice, and a few seconds later, my plate was a huge mess. hahaha)

Then for meal 3 I made mini meatloaves, using a muffin pan instead of a loaf pan. To go with it, my husband asked for fries, which is not compliant, so with him out of the picture for my veggies, I could do my okra, which is just mine because no one else at home likes it (I did give one piece to each for trying, though. and I’m still the only one who likes it..) To the okra I also added onions and red sweet pepper.


Now up for finally a day 9 in this Whole30…


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