#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 7

A whole week has passed on Whole30 since I had to start counting again. Yay. I do still feel a bit frustrated though when I see all the posts about day 16 and I’m still on 7… 😦 I know it sounds silly, after all I’m still on and it was a unintentional slip in only one meal, but still…

But today was actually a happy and exciting day. Want to know why? Because I went to see Melissa Hartwig talk about her new book WHole30 Cookbook and have my copy signed by her. A copy that has actually arrived this afternoon, just in time for the book tour event. Yay! That means that in the next 4 week you may see me trying new recipes from the book. Soooo excited!!!


The morning was also nice, as today I had 2 people to walk with. Typically I’ve been having the company of a friend every Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are her days off. But today her daughter (my age, also my friend) was already back from vacations and also off, so we made a group of 3. It was fun. Then after he walk I still did yesterdays exercises from the workout app, and checked both days as finished, since today was supposed to be a rest day, as I imagined. So it worked out ok, with me just switching the rest day with an active day. That will mean that it will be longer until next rest day, but fine. I guess I can still handle it well.

As for the food, Meal 1 I had eggs, which I seasoned with Italian herbs and nutmeg, and half an avocado.

Meal 2 was sort of contrasting. The plant part was very fresh, nicely cooked just at the time and the spot. It was a mix of cauliflower florets and carrots sticks, seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh oregano leaves and lemon thyme. It was very fragrant and delicious. But the protein part was not that fresh. I had a bit of leftover steak from Saturday and half a schnitzel from Sunday, to I got both on my plate today. The schnitzel was still good, but the steak was already tasting like old steak. Not necessarily inedible, but not tasty either.

Then in the afternoon I had to have a snack. By 5:30 I was starting to get hungry and also to cook dinner to leave for my husband to re-heat and give for the girls, while I’d be attending the Whole30 Cookbook tour event, at 7:00. At home, dinner is usually served between 7:30 and 8:00, and this is why I had to prepare dinner earlier for the family. The thing is at 5:30 I was starting to get hungry, but the meal was not ready yet, and when it got ready, I had to leave so I wouldn’t be late, which means dinner would have to wait until I was back home, after 8:00. So I had a snack. The snack was a few macadamias, a few olives, a quarter of an apple and a package of SeaSnax.

Once back from the event and after chattering boxing with my husband about it, and helping my daughter with her math exercises, then I found time to have dinner. It was past 9 already which is super duper late for dinner. I had the same was I cooked for the family, a stiff fry with beef, green beans, carrots, onions and sweet pepper. They had it with rice; I had it with spinach.


Now I need to wind down, because I still feel excited with all of the events today and with my new book. Then tomorrow I’ll see if my fridge and pantry are ready to cook something new from the book. Good night. 😉


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