#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 6

Today was fun, and we barely stayed at home. That means I didn’t have the time to do my 30-day workout challenge exercises, but I was still able to eat well, although at odd times. In regards to the exercises, I believe tomorrow would be a rest day anyways, so the plan is to swap. rest today and do today’s exercises tomorrow. Although I’m not sure we can call today’s day a rest day, considering I spend most of the day walking at the zoo with the family.


In the morning, I was running out of ideas on what to mix with my eggs, so I asked my daughter for suggestions and she suggested sweet peppers and avocado. I followed her directions and it turned out yummy. I also have an issue with avocados, because I always insist in buying 2, but the second ends up getting spoiled every time because I typically don’t eat them right after the other. So her suggestion was actually good, because it made me consume the second one while it’s still perfect.

Lunch was on the street. I picked a Mexican restaurant, which may sound tricky since everything includes rice, beans and tortillas, but after a few Whole30’s I have learned to order fajitas with no rice and beans. The waitress asked if I wanted a side salad instead and I said I didn’t, but they added it anyways. I did not eat the salad, tough, because it was all sprinkled with cheese.

The biggest problem of my big fajita lunch was that it happened really late, and that affected dinner. So at night I wasn’t too hungry, so I decided to go with a banana with almond butter, and some olives to break the sweetness of the banana. And that was more than enough actually.


Tomorrow the schedule goes back to a normal weekday schedule, and my meals will be able to happen at a more proper time.




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