#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 5

Second day 5 of Whole30. The day today was very nice. It was sunny and during the day we had above freezing temperatures, with the forecast of rain starting tomorrow, so we decided to take the kids out of the house and into the sun. We went to a state park nearby, that has lots a huge playground for kids, paved trails for easy biking and lots of trails for hiking. We did a bit of each. The last activity at the park was a hike down to a beach, then up again. It was really beautiful.


In the afternoon, after lunch, the kids had a playdate/birthday celebration at ours neighbors and I took advantage of them not being home to still do mu 30-workout challenge exercises. I must admit, though, that after a hike, I reduced the amount of reps in some of the exercises…

My meals were also pretty good.

For meal 1, I noticed that the avocado I bought a few days ago were finally ripe, so that I could actually eat them. Yay! So I made simple frambled eggs, and served with half an avocado and some salsa.

Then meal 2 was kind of in a hurry between the hike and the kids party, so I didn’t take their offer to help and did some schnitzel with a side of stir fried leeks, carrots and asparagus. The schnitzel was not as good as the previous times, and felt a bit unseasoned. I guess it was the hurry. 😦 But overall it was good.

Then on the last meal, I took some pork that I cut out of the pieces I used for the schnitzel, chopped it, cooked with ginger, salt and coconut aminos and used to stuff some slightly fire-roasted mini peppers. The second half of the avocado and some spinach were added to complement.

The only thing today and I don’t know if it was indeed true or just my taste buds getting picky, it that I though both meals 1 and 3 were too sweet. In meal 1, I guess the culprit was the salsa, although I double and triple checked that there is no sugar added on it. On Meal 3 I’m not sure. Maybe the aminos, being served with avocado and followed by a banana. all I know is that it felt too sweet.



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