#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 4

The day today was nice. I even got to go for a walk in spite of being a weekend. And the workout I did with the girls, which is always fun (although  bit stressful when they start fighting about how to do the exercises haha).

It was only now at the end of the day that I got a bit grumpy. I’ve been doing only 3 meals a day. The meals are big enough that I can hold well until the next, with no need to snack, so this is not really bad or seeing as a sacrifice or anything. But then, when I sit for my next meal, then I want to be able to sit and eat. Today at dinner, though, as I was sitting to eat, starting to prepare my nori rolls, my husband, accidentally, spills MY water over MY plate (and myself too). That not only delayed my dinner, as I had to change clothes and help dry up everything, but also made me eat wet seaweed. Only the first one was soggy, though, because I dried up my plate pretty well before the next, but the whole spilling thing still got me grumpy.

So now you get a clue of what was dinner… but before dinner let’s talk about the meals in the proper order.

For meal 1 I had eggs with the last pieces of leftover pork, some spinach and grape tomatoes.

The for my second meal, I cooked a steak and sided it with couve à mineira, which is the Brazilian way of cooking collard greens with garlic and bacon, and oranges. The oranges and the collard are a very common side to bean stew, which is something I haven’t been eating anymore, but the combination of both still works well, so today I  had them with a simple steak.

For dinner, family went for bread, I went for seaweed, and made myself a couple of rolls using nori sheets, pesto sauce, smoked salmon, spinach and tomatoes. It was good, except for the wetness of the first nori sheet. 😉



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