#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 3 once again

Day 3 after restarting Whole30. The good thing about it is that I can say that today is day 3 and my energy levels are great. haha.

Today I had some errands to run in the morning, so I cut the walk short and walked only 30 minutes, then did the workout a bit earlier, before leaving. The workout is indeed getting harder every day, and I got really tired right after, but now I’m totally fine. This may mean Whole30 working its magic in fast recovery from sports? If yes, I like it very much. 😉

The food today was ok. It started with eggs and bacon with a bit of leftover pesto vegetables from the other day.

Meal 2 was at home, after my errands, which included a trip to PCC. So today I had okra, which I buy there. I like okra but until a few months ago I used to be bothered by the slimy thingy on it. Then I read somewhere that if you cook your okra with vinegar, the smile is gone. Since then, you’re sure to find either apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar on my okra. Today it was apple cider. The protein a chicken, that I cook by doing step 1 of Mel Jolwan’s best chicken ever, with the rub for her recipe of grilled thighs. The reason I mix 2 recipes is because the original rub on the best chicken recipe is a bit too spicy for the girls, so I go with a milder one. But I do like the brine of step 1. For a long time my daughter used to say that this was her favorite meat. She doesn’t say that anymore, but still eats is gladly. And to complete, I had a bit of squash puree.

Meal 3 had another piece of the same chicken, but this time I sided it with a mix of leeks, sweet peppers and spinach.


And just as an update, the week that I though would have 3 tricky occasions, ended up having only one, since both the theater on Wednesday and the kid party today got cancelled. The theater due to overselling of tickets, and today’s party due to the birthday girl being under the weather. So I ended up having only one tricky day, which ended up being not so good for my whole30, but at least I was able to get back safely during the rest of the week. Let’s now see what the long weekend will bring me. Tomorrow I’ll probably have a run at Costco again for meats…


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