#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 2 again

Today as day 2 after resetting the count on my Whole30.

The was actually pretty easy and uneventful so not much to report really.

My morning walk was slightly short than usual and lasted about 45 minutes. Then in the 30-day workout challenge, it was a rest day. I took the time I got to sit at the computer (the big one, not this laptop I’m using now) and search for jobs. Saw one interesting, but haven’t finished filing out the application form yet.

As for food, I started the day with eggs in purgatory with a bit of last week’s meatball sauce I still had in the fridge. To increase the amount of the sauce, I added some water and a bit of bone broth too.

At lunch time, I had the last bits of the ground beef I had yesterday, but this time with curried cauliflower.

Then at night I had pork chops with asparagus. The pork I tried to make sous vide and managed to overcook it! Can you believe I overcooked something sous vide, when the idea of sous vide is to not overcook meat (sort of – I guess it’s actually to have a consistent cooking experience, no matter if you prefer rare, medium rare, medium or well-done, without loosing juices and volume during the cooking process) But it was my fault. I tried to change the settings and did it wrong. Well… lesson learned. But in spite of being overcooked he pork was good and the meal overall was nice.







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