#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 1 – once again…

Today is a new day, and with it we start a new Whole30 over again.

Good thing is that the one meal break will reset the count, but will not reset my body to the point that I’ll have to go through the dip in energy on the new days 3-6.

And today I cranked it beautifully.

Exercise-wise I may have done more than I should, as I feel physically pretty tired now, but it was doable. I started with my 1-hour morning walk. Then I did the exercises of my 30-day workout challenge, which is getting harder and harder everyday (diamond push-ups? 55s of plank? :S  ).

I thought that was it. But today the kids started tennis classes at school, as an after school program provided by the school’s PTA, and I started with them as a parent volunteer for the class. I thought I’d be just sitting there watching, but those tennis balls go so fast and everywhere so quickly, that I decided to help the coaches by picking them up and returning them to their bins. That meant about 40 minutes of running after little balls. It was fun, but it certainly added to the exercise routine on an unexpected way.

In regards to food, no slips today.

In the morning I had frambled eggs with some little leftover from yesterday’s lunch, of yellow peppers and cauliflower cooked en papillote.

At lunch time, I had zoodles with tuna, and seasoned with garlic, turmeric and cayenne.

Then for dinner I had ground beef with vegetables al pesto. The vegetables I used were yellow and orange peppers, onions, tomatoes and green beans. The pesto gave them a different flavor from the everyday flavor I get when I cook those together It turned out very nice.



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