#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 9 or 0? Resetting….

Yes, today I had a slip, and now I wonder if I should reset the count. I’m leaning towards doing so, although the idea hurts a bit.

The slip was not intentional. We went for dinner at some friends and they made sure the meal had meats and veggies, which they know is what I eat. I had chicken with roasted broccoli and cauliflower. The chicken was good, but it felt a bit sweet and also had a taste that I knew but I couldn’t really place. Then after dinner we were talking and I said the chicken was very good then asked what did she put on it. She said she first marinated it on olive oil (ok) honey (meh during Whole30, but fine) and soy sauce (ouch!). So yes, I had soy sauce today. And THAT was the taste I was recognizing but couldn’t place. Oh boy.

I guess soy is bad enough to reset right? Especially knowing that typically soy sauce also contains gluten! 😦

So I guess I’m back to start tomorrow. Day 0 again today and restarting tomorrow. With the remind to self for the next time, either let them know I’m pickier than ever, or asking what’s on the chicken before eating it, not after.

Other than that the day was good. Kids started school with a 2 hours delay due to black ice on the roads in the morning. That delayed my walk, but allowed me to workout with my girls, which was fun.

My first 2 meals were also pretty good. For breakfast, I had fried eggs with salsa and olives.

Lunch was the best meal of all. I thawed a fish and decided to do it on papillote, with olive oil and one of the herbed German salts (the one meant for fish). Then to follow suit, I cooked my vegetables also on papillote, with olive oil and the other of my herbed German salts (the one meant for salads). Turned out very yummy.


Then dinner was the one with the soy (boo!) and the one that made me decide to reset the count.  I was actually planning to do a Whole47, stretching it until just before the mid-Winter break. With that reset, I still have time to finish 30 days and can still stretch a few days more, making it a Whole38….

The thing that worried me the most, though, was not the consumption of a bit and soy and gluten, but the fact that knowing about it made me a bit bummed; and that feeling made me think about eating the cheese, since it went askew anyways. Or when I got home, maybe have a piece of corn bread or chocolate. I didn’t give in to any of those, but the fact that I craved them as soon as I felt a bit stressed out shows that I do have to work on that kind of stress-related attitude towards food. Guess Stephen King will have a wait a bit while I dive deeper into Food Freedom Forever, to see f they have some piece of advice that would open my eyes and mind enough to change my attitude…



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