#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 7

A whole week has passed on Whole30. Yay!

And also today I had a meal out for the first time since the start of the program, which is always somewhat tricky. And this was only the first of the several occasions this week. On Tuesday we’ll be having lunch at a friend’s, on Wednesday at restaurant again before watching a play and on Friday there is a kid’s party (although that is early enough that I can have dinner later at home).

Meal 1 was eggs, as usual, but today I mixed some spinach, tomatoes and olives on it.

Then, I took the girls for ice skating in the morning, but a very-late-almost-afternoon morning. After about 1 1/2 hour of skating, we went to the library next door where we spend at least another hour. That puts us hungry in the road at past 2:00 PM. We could have driven all the way home to eat my own food, but instead decided to stop at a restaurant. The girls picked Thai and we went to Bai Tong, where I ordered a dry curry that seemed nice. The name of the plate is Hor Mok and the description in the menu is:

Rarely found in Thai restaurants here because of the preparation required, this exquisitely rich dish features steam blended salmon and red curry in a banana leaf.

It was indeed good, but I left the restaurant feeling as something was missing. Maybe it was too small? Maybe I like wet curries better (what reminds me I have some leftovers from yesterday to eat tomorrow… 4 days of curry in a row? wow).

Due to the lateness of our meal 2, when time came for meal 3 we weren’t very hungry. Well, I was, since my dish was the smallest at lunch, but not as much as usual, so I had a slightly smaller portion than usual, going for some ground beef I cooked in the morning and a bit of squash, followed by a banana to help me sleep. I found out recently how good bananas are to help with sleep and this week I was desperate for one, since we run out of them at maybe Tuesday and I didn’t have a chance to go and buy more until yesterday. So you may see me mentioning bananas after meal 3 often here now.


In regards to energy level, it seems to be back to normal, but not tiger-bloodily yet. And about exercising, I did my 30-day workout challenge routine of the day, plus the ice skating. Although the ice skating was so slow holding my daughter’s hand all the time, that I don’t think it should count 😉

Now, for the second week…


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