#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 6

Day 6 came and although I had more energy than the days past, its still a bit low.

Maybe because on top of Whole30, I also got my period today. I don’t want to go into too much details about that, but one thing to say is that back in the days, before my first Whole30 in 2013, my PMS was pretty strong and identifiable. I always knew when things were approaching because I had tender breast, bloating, swelling, extreme irritability and on the day before a pretty nasty migraine. Then once the thing came, my blood pressure would go so low that I’d few sick. With the change on my diet to a paleo-like way of eating after my first Whole30, it because MUCH better, and some months I have absolutely no symptoms, and get surprised by it when it comes. In the past couple of months I’ve had some mild symptoms (hello tender breasts and irritability), but this time, although it was right at the beginning of a new Whole30, and maybe because I’ve been also exercising a lot (exercise has always helped in that area too), I was taken by surprise again.

Talking about exercising, today was a rest day. Not only from my walks but also on may 30 day workout challenge. I got ready by warming up this morning at  moment when every one else was busy, then when I chose day 5 in the app it showed “Rest day” and gave me the finish button. That was nice. I was starting to worry about over exercising this week.

In regards to food, the day was pretty good again (after all, food is good, right?).

On meal 1, I was the last to wake up and everyone else was already eating, so I had all the time to prepare food for me only. With time available, I decided to shred some sweet potato and do a potato hash with fried eggs. Another one of my favorite breakfasts.

For meal 2, I couldn’t resist making more curry to show off to hubby. This time I did the entire recipe (serves 4), but used beef instead, which was what I had thawed for today. Delicious once again, although I might say I liked the pork version better. Hubby didn’t try the pork so he loved it as it is. Even the kids eat it well, without complaining or taking forever to finish. That puts it on my list of potential frequent dishes. As a side some cauliflower rice with ginger.

At night we decided for burger night. I made the patties for all 4 of us, “caramelized”(can I say caramelize if no sugar was added?) some onions and toasted a few slices of sweet potatoes to serve as my buns. Then I topped a slice of potato with the patty, a couple slices of tomato, a dollop of vegan pesto and some caramelized onions. Super tasty. At the end I still had one small slice of potato left, which I pretended to be desert (I know, I know…) and topped with some almond butter, coconut flakes and raisins).


Tomorrow is day 7, and the end of the first week. Bring it on!.



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