#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 5

Day 5 of Whole30. It wasn’t as bad as day 4, but it was a bit tough too, especially in the morning.

Energy levels were still down, but today I did went slow with exercising. My morning walk was a easy one and lasted only 20 minutes. Then I had a break of 1 1/2 hour before the workout and I also rested a lot. Then in the afternoon I was feeling better.
Good news for my body: no morning walk tomorrow, as this is part of my weekday’s routine only. Yay. I guess my legs will thank me.

On what food was concerned today the food was delicious.

To start the day, I did one of my favorite breakfasts and the one you can count on every time I cook the Moroccan meatballs. Egg in purgatory! Or to keep it simple, eggs poached in tomato sauce. The meatballs always yield more sauce than we consume with them, so I save the leftover sauce to use at breakfast. Delish!

Then for lunch, I had a bit of pork that was in pieces too small for the schnitzels yesterday, so today I decided to use it in small pieces and made myself a Thai red curry with it. I love Thai curry, but was never able to reproduce it well when trying to make it at home. Then today I searched for a recipe and found one at Hold the Grain that turned out delicious. What I did different form them was that I did one serving only, used the veggies I had on hand, and I also used almond butter, instead on sunbutter. It was really amazing. So much that I almost licked the plate once it was over. I’ll totally do it again for the whole family. Hubby will love it too.

The last meal was the least delicious. Yesterday I made more schnitzels than I needed and in the end there were 4 left. So today we all had it again for dinner. To go with it, some potato salad (again too), spinach and a bit of orange sweet pepper.

Here’s how they looked like:


I’m feeling better today than I was yesterday, so hoping for a even better day 6. Maybe it’s time for the tiger blood to kick in, or is it still too early? Anyways, tomorrow is also weekend, so lets see how it goes.



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