#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 4

Day 4 is a tough one. Then on top of that I don’t follow the advice from the Whole30 Daily.

They say:

Sleep lots. Take naps. Take time off from the gym, or make it a “half-intensity” week. 

and I wake up after a bad night of sleep on a couple of days when my energy is just not there at all, and go for a longer walker than usual, followed by exercise… at 10:30 AM I was ready for bed again, totally and extremely tired.

In my defense I do have a (lame) excuse for the walk. The initial idea was to actually make it shorter, but as I started to walk I felt good and kept going on, still deciding if I’d go all the way or turn back a little earlier. Then…. On my way, there was a park I always passed by but never actually went to. And… I decide that today is the day. Ha! Ok, bad choice of date, but I was still happy to get in. The place is gorgeous and in the freezing morning with the sun still low, it was awesome. So the longer walked did tired me out on a day I needed to rest, but it was still nice and worth it.

Here’s a picture (stylized by Google Photos) of the place.


I did took a nap, tough, so at least some of the advice was taken. After lunch my tiredness was intensified and I just couldn’t avoid it. Set the alarm for 20 minutes and snoozed a little. And it did help a lot, to be honest.

But still more tired and low energy than the usual. I’m totally looking forward for the end of this adaptation phase.

Food wise it was again good. Especially the last meal (although some may say it was the least Whol30ish and the least Paleo of them all. But I guess it was still ok in that sense.)

eggswithmylittleoneOn meal 1 I had eggs with my little one.

I cooked them separately because she likes them with salt only, and I add pepper to mine too. Just simple frambled eggs. But I have been trying to always add some plant stuff to breakfast, so when I was packing lunch for the kids, I had a few grapes that I washed to pack for snack.







Meal 2 was tasty, but slightly odd. I decided I wanted tuna salad over spinach. But it has been so colt that I also wanted something warm. With the energy levels where they were today, there was no way I could try to make some soup. So instead I made a quick sweet potato hash. The hash and the salad were both very yummy, but the warmness and sweetness of the potatoes mixed with the coldness and saltiness of the tuna salad created a odd (interesting) combination. Not bad, but still a bit odd.

The Meal 3 was the best. And the kids helped me cook (messy!). Today at night we had Schnitzel (Or would is sound better if I said “almond-crusted pork”? 😉 ), warm German-style potato salad and green beans. Soooo good!

Here are the pics:


Now for a day 5 that will hopefully be easier (and I promise I won’t try to get to now any more new parks…)



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