#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 3

Day 3 and it’s after dinner, time to write. But my brain refuses to decide how and what to write. Maybe effect of the slow down typical of the first week?
During the day I’ve been active and sharp, but now something hit me that my eyes want to close and I haven’t even sent the girls to bed (which is always a loooong process).
Oh boy.

But let’s try.

I mentioned I was active during the day and I indeed was. After dropping off the kids at school I went for a 1 hour walk and once home I did my 30-day challenge routine for day 2. It was all about legs today and I got more tired than yesterday.

Food-wise, the day was pretty good.

In the morning I had 3 soft-boiled eggs over a bed of spinach and salsa, and sprinkled with cayenne and turmeric.

Then my second meal was very good. Although I’m the only one at home who eats fish, on Monday when we went to Costco I bought myself a package with 5 trouts. Today I have my first one (and froze the others). But I’m also into trying sous vide everything, so I cooked the trout sous vide, placed on top of some squash purée and topped with almonds toasted on butter.  I love trout! So expect to see me eating them often in the next weeks.

For meal 3 I used my sous vide cooker again and cooked a steak to perfection. As a side, I stir fried onions, yellow pepper and tomatoes in olive until they were all soft, seasoned with cumin, coriander, paprika, Italian herbs, salt  and pepper. Super yummy.

Here’s a peek:jw30-d3


Up for day 4, hoping to have more energy tomorrow than I have right now as I write this.



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