#JanuaryWhole30 – Day 2

Today as day 2 of my Whole30 and day 1 of a 30-day challenge workout.

Initially I planned to start them both at the same time, today, but I when realized the community was starting Whole30 yesterday I decided to jump on it, and forgot about the other one, until my calendar reminded me this morning. I did went back to go for 1-hour walks yesterday, tough, so I’ll still be able to say I exercised throughout the month. ūüėČ

I walked today as well and plan to do ever weekday after dropping the kids at school. Today it was kind of odd, because it was interrupted and restarted. I met a friend to walk with and after about 8 minutes, she realized she had locked herself out of the house. Their lock can be managed remotely by her daughter, but her daughter was at some beach in the south coast of Brazil…. We got to the point of calling a locksmith to come, but before they arrived, her daughter called back and was able to unlock the door for her. We cancelled the locksmith and went in for a coffee (I also setup her phone as a key and taught her how to use it. Haha.
With coffee she also offered milk, sugar, bread and Brazilian cream cheese (aka requeij√£o), and I said no to it all. Black coffee was more than good enough for me.

After coffee we finally went for our walk and then later at home I did the exercises from the challenge, plus some stretching.

Then in the afternoon I had yet another chance to say ‘no-thanks’ for non-compliant foods. My youngest daughter asked if she could visit her best friend while her big sister was in sports practice and when I contacted the mom she said she would be happy if we came. And over there I was offered date and chocolate cake (that has a little bit of flour, according to her. She knows me and knows what to disclaim… ;o). No thanks. I did accepted tea, tough.

As for the meals they were pretty tasty today.

At meal 1 I did a omelet and had it with the small leftovers of green beans and one little piece of the roast from yesterday’s meal 2. It was good, but the sweetness of the day-old coconut aminos green beans felt slightly out of place with the eggs (I’m picky about mixing sweet and savory).

For meal 2, I decided to try to sous vide the three meatballs I saved uncooked yesterday. It was good, but I guess I still prefer them made in the sauce. Maybe because the recipe is meant to be made in the sauce. I may try a sauce-less meatballs recipe with the precision cooker at some time. To go with it, I cooked a quick cauliflower rice with tomatoes and  orange peppers, and seasoned with ginger. It was also good, but I could have added a bit more ginger.

Then for my last meal, I had the traditional Moroccan meatballs again, with spinach and fire roasted orange peppers.

They looked like this:


I was also happy today that see other my blog is reaching other¬†folks who are also doing the¬†January Whole30 this year. Thanks a lot for your comments and feel free to¬†share and comment more. I love to hear about other people’s experiences too.

Now, up for day 3!






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