January Whole30

Today is the second day of 2017. Life is not back to normal yet, because hubby and kids are still in vacation.

Also, for me, my normal has been changing anyways, since I lost my job in mid November (my last day was November 9th).

Let’s talk a bit about it.

I worked in the same company for almost 11 years. The first year was good and I was doing what I signed up for. Then, after the first year the job changed and become something I didn’t really liked or felt motivated by. But I kept going. Then at the end of 2015 the job changed again and I went back into enjoying what I was doing and feeling motivated. But the 9 years in between bite me and when they had to lean up the team I was one of the ones to go. 😦

During the 9 years I must confess I sort of wish for that a bit, so I don’t think it was such an awful thing. But that also doesn’t make it non-stressful. I still felt rejected hearing from the guys I worked for for more than 10 years that they didn’t need me anymore. I still felt lost not knowing what to do with my days and my time. And I still feel the pressure to find something else so I get a paycheck again.

And as a consequence of that……..

Emotional eating big time!

Oh yeah. From the day the HR lady  joined my manager and I in our 1-1 meeting to let me know I wasn’t needed anymore, I started eating. And that was mid October, which means I had until today a bit more than 2 1/2 months of gluttony. I’m still avoiding gluten and )to some extend, but not so much) diary. But sugar has been a huge part of my live lately. Even stuff that I after so many Whole30 I wouldn’t want to eat because it was way too sweet, I was bringing it on.

That’s why, today, January 2nd, I’m starting another Whole30 and will be documenting it here. Documenting it helps a lot with commitment and accountability. In the past ones I did I admit I struggled a bit with keeping committed. I tried to use Instagram as a documentation tool, and it helped, but telling the stories helps more than just posting picture. So this time, I’ll be doing both. Blog and Instagram.

I may also decide to buy (although buying is something I’m trying not to abuse those non-paycheck days) Mellissa’s 3rd book, Food Freedom, so see if it helps me take care of the emotional eating issue…

So as a start, here are some numbers and pictures, which I got this morning, before breakfast (or should I say Meal 1? ;o)

  • Weight: 136.5
  • Fat: 31%


Bring it on baby!

#JanuaryWhole30 here I come!



4 thoughts on “January Whole30

  1. I’m doing the January Whole30 too! Sorry to hear about your stressful employment situation but a solid Whole30 always helps. With everything. I’m about halfway through FFF and would say it’s definitely worth buying. Good luck on the journey!

  2. I’m also doing the January Whole30! Thank you for sharing your story. I too lost my job at the end of last year and have tendencies to stress eat. But so far so good 🙂 looking forward to following your journey!

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