Whole20, day 26

Almost there!

For the first meal, although I’d like to try something egg-less I didn’t resist the temptation of using leftover sauce from yesterday’s meatballs for a eggs in purgatory. I just love poaching my eggs on whatever broth or sauce is left from my meats. I can always go egg-less tomorrow, right… 😉
BTW, later today, at workout, one of my friends said that my eggs yesterday looked disgusting. Oh well! They were yummy anyways.
So J.C., if you’re reading this now, please close your eyes for the next picture as it also pictures eggs with soft yolks…


Today the sun is out and hot, so for my second meal I wanted to go for something fresh and cold. I also wanted to use my recently bought Paleo Mayo, made with avocado oil. To satisfy both of my wants, I made a tuna salad this morning, using my mayo, a can of tuna, some capers, olives, parsley, mustard, salt and pepper. I also grabbed my second half of yesterday’s dinner avocado and placed both items on a bed of greens I grabbed from my office’s salad bar. When the cafeteria manager looked at my plate (it cost me only 22c!) he even said:

Hey Gabi, you salad is missing some stuff on top.

To what I replied saying that they were in my lunch box 😉

wpid-wp-1433534249436.jpegThen after lunch, although I was pretty satisfied with my tuna salad, I craved a nice iced latte, which I visualized myself having outside while absorbing a lot of sun rays.
But I couldn’t. The cafeteria manager is a nice guys and he tries to sell me stuff sometimes, but unfortunately there are only a few items there that I’d eat. Even less during Whole30 month. And the almond milk they use in the cafe is not one of the items I could have this month, as it contains carrageenan (yep, I looked up the brand in the internet… maybe I shouldn’t have. ignorance is bliss right? but fine, it’s for a good cause 😉 )

Talking about sun rays, today my team received a ridiculous bad joke email that read:

Reminder, the Sun is actually a source of harmful radiation
Please stay in your offices. Use work to keep from being tempted into the hazardous environment surrounding our buildings.
Remember, I care about all of you and your well-being.


I did go for a short 10-minute walk in the sun though. Partly to stop the craving. Partly to enjoy the sun. Partly just to do the opposite as the guy was saying. ;P

Then in the evening I had some ground beef and decided to utilize also the leeks and sweet potatoes I still had in my fridge. So I make a leek-sweet potato hash and served it with the ground beef.




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