Whole30, day 25

Today I woke up much better. The neck sometimes get sore again,but not as bad as yesterday, and no headache. Yay.

And I finally got the soft boiled eggs right too! I was still not happy for not having them a couple days ago, so today I went for it again in meal 1 and served them on top of some leftover kale.


Then for lunch I brought a box from Outside the Box, I was prioritizing my own food lately, but then there was still this one and lonely box on my freezer, so I decided it was time for it to be consumed. Today’s box was a repeat from a couple weeks ago (day 11, as you can see in the picture below), since at that time I bought 2 of the same. It was the Cuban Pork Roast, that came with green beans and mashed yucca. Following the pork I had an orange.




For the last meal, I had the yummy Moroccan meatballs I cooked on Tuesday. As a side dish, I cooked some bok choy with mini sweet peppers and onions, and then completed my place with half an avocado.






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