Whole30, day 24

Today I was feeling weird. Constantly hungry, sort of weak, got a headache and a stiff neck. Still blaming it on the time of the month (and on my pillow, for the stiff neck šŸ˜‰ ).

Early in the morning I was still fine though, so I even decided to cook for myself so I could pack lunch. Yay!

For the first meal, though, I went simple. I still had 2 slices of bacon on the fridge that I didn’t want to risk going bad. IĀ just HAD to use it, right? So I went for eggs and bacon again, and after that an orange to satisfy me better on this weird day.


For meal 2, I brought the results of the morning cookout. I still had some riced sweet potatoes and half a zucchini, which I decided to cook together on a pan with olive oil, herbs, salt, pepper and coriander. Yummy. To complement it, I brought a big chunk of ropa vieja and a bit of kimchi. But although the amount of food I brought today was pretty big, I was still not completely satisfied after cleaning the plate, so I got a banana from the cafeteria to wrap it up.


But lunch was at the worse moment of the day. I started feeling not so well before lunch and after it a headache struck me. I was debating for a while if I should go for coffee or not, since coffee sometimes help. But it also sometimes makes it worse, and I never know when it’s a good or a bad choice… At first decided not to go for coffee, and the headache seemed to be going away, but then it came back. I went for a pain medicine but when checking the inactive ingredients to what was available to me at work, I changed my mind and tried the coffee. They all contained starch. Some said specifically corn starch, others didn’t mention which kind of, so I just assume it would also be corn and avoided them too. I also tried to stay hydrated drinking lots of water, although sometimes I felt just sick of it.

For the last meal of the day, I gave my husband the option to choose between the stuff we had in the fridge, which were ground beef, meatballs or ropa vieja. He picked the ropa vieja, just because it was the oldest one, hence the one that would start to tasteĀ old first. To go with it I cooked some kale and seasoned with ginger and turmeric to see if they would help with my headache.



Then I froze the ground beef, and half of the meatbals, saving the other half for tomorrow’s dinner…

The headache didn’t really go away, but it was manageable. What I realized was that is was being caused by stiff and tense neck šŸ˜¦ What made it go away at the end of the day was 20 minutes of spinal molding in bed just before falling asleep, which took the pressure out of my neck, relaxing it and sending the headache away.




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