Whole30, day 23

About a week to go!

Today I still feel a little bit of the same symptoms as yesterday. But am doing fine.

On our little W30 community, the topic we’re discussing this week is the re-introduction.

In my case, this is the 5th time I do the Whole30, but I did the reintroduction only on the second time I tried it.

The first time, I don’t know exactly why I did not. I guess I was planning to be on it forever. But that’s is not very sustainable, so I would occasionally eat something off plan but with no ‘discipline’. After a while I started to get frustrated for not knowing what exactly was affecting me and how, and that’s what triggered my second Whole30, when I did the re-introduction.

What I noticed in the short term of the reintroduction:

After that, I never did the reintroduction again, but since I try to keep those items off my plate most of the time, I started to pay attention and notice what they do to me every time I have them.
And then I noticed that gluten not only gives me migraine but also brings back my joint pains.
So I’ve been trying to consume gluten-free beer, since beer if my weak point in regards to gluten… 😦

Sometimes I have cheeses too, but I never noticed too much more than what I noticed on the reintroduction phase. But I’m pretty sure I’d gain weight if I had it more often. Just because every time I take it out of my diet I lose a LOT of weight.

The other stuff I don’t miss, so I very rarely have them.

Then when I shared my experience someone asked me specifically about sugar (and mentioned chocolate as an example).

Oh boy! I do have chocolate!
Dark and with no soy lecithin, but still loads of sugar.
This is actually why I’m doing Whole30 again now. Haha.

About chocolate effects, physically just maybe a little weight gain. But no pains, apparently no gut concerns or skin reactions (at least not that I have already noticed – will pay closer attention 😉 …

I guess the biggest problem with chocolate for me is indeed the psychological response. I start having a little piece every other day, but then the cravings start to come back and after a few weeks I find myself eating a whole bar or even more.
It also depends on my stress level. The more stressed, the more I crave it, the more I have it, and the more I have it, the more I crave it again…. Sort of like a snow ball. :oS

But I’m not giving up on it!
My plan if to have it until I feel the need for another Whole30 and then reset it all over again.
Like now 😉

By the way, I’m starting to consider the painful possibility to give up on beer, but chocolate never!

Now on how I ate today…

On the first meal, I had some weird eggs. I call them weird because I can’t really define exactly how they were prepared. The initial idea was to make them soft boiled. But I was distracted and calculating 10 minutes on my mind, which would make them pretty hard boiled… Then when I realized I had the wrong idea of time on my mind, I removed them from the heat, but it turned out they were a bit too soft yet, and the whiles were not thoroughly cooked. So I decided to nuke them in the microwave for a few seconds. But again my sense of time went astray and I ended up with some weird eggs that felt a bit like a souffle, but not really. I sprinkled some turmeric, cayenne and salt and just eat it. It was not too bad though. Just weird.

Then about an hour later, I wasn’t feeling completely satisfied (remember the need to be munching all the time at this time of the month? 😉 ) so I had a banana.


For my second meal, I had a couple of steaks that were left from yesterday’s dinner. To make a side dish, I grabbed the remaining cauliflower that was not riced earlier in the week and cooked it slightly with coconut oil, salt and curry powder. Then, some cherries just to wrap it up.


On Meal 3, we had a lot of options. Last night I cooked some ground beef and prepared to cook meatballs (it was too late so I just prepared it and saved them to do the cooking today). Also, for not knowing my cooking plans, yesterday morning my mom thawed some ropa vieja. I wasn’t sure if the meatballs would be ready in time (it wasn’t but only for a little bit) so we decided to go with the ground beef. As a side I cooked some veggies together, know knowing how well they would match each other and the seasoning, but it turned out good. I also had 2 cubes of mashed butternut squash to add some carbs, as those days I’ve been feeling sort of weak.





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