Whole30, day 22

Day 22 was also day 1 of my period.
Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like too much information to you. But the reason why I mention it is because on that day of the month, there are 2 things that are common to happen.

  1. My blood pressure goes down, making me sleepy;
  2. I fell like eating all the time, switching between craving sweets or savory.

Since I changed my diet almost 2 years ago, all of the symptoms from PMS or first day have incredibly diminished or even disappeared. Currently it’s kind of hard to tell that the thing is about to come just based on PMS symptoms, as it’s not every month I have PMS at all, and when I do it’s very mild. Nothing really compared to how it was before. This month, I guess I noticed a couple pimples on my skin on the past couple of days, but that was about it. Then today I did have some level of the 2 items above, but not too strong. The one I noticed the most was the need to be chewing on something all the time. I did not, but must admit I fell a little bit like doing so. The only time I sort of gave in to it, was when driving back home and not resisting the spicy kale chips I had in the car as an emergency snack. It wasn’t really an emergency, but I still had it. On the rest of the day, I fought it well.

On meal 1, I went for bacon and eggs. I was trying to decide what to put on my eggs when I found some forgotten slices of bacon in the drawer. They were there for only a few days, so still edible. Decision made!


On Meal 2, I packed leftover cauliflower rice, to which I added yellow cherry tomatoes and the last few strings of pork (still left after packing my kid’s lunch), and a pack of sugar free smoked salmon. To top the salmon, I also packed some sun-dried tomatoes and some capers.


On Meal 3, I did some thinly cut steaks with grilled onions on top, which is very typical in Brazil and also very yummy. To go with it I cooked some asparagus with mini sweet peppers and mushrooms, and had the last bit of my cauliflower rice.



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