Whole30, weekend 3 (days 20 and 21)

Another weekend! And one of great weather and great food.

Saturday I decided to go for a egg-less breakfast and did a sweet potato hash which I ate with a few slices of compliant pork liver pate. I did not remember to take the picture before it was all gone, so the picture below is of what was left of the ingredients. ;o)


Then for the second meal, I had some of the Kalua pig with green beans and a green salad and cherry tomatoes.


I actually made sure to eat a full meal at meal 2, because we had a BBQ  party to go, which was scheduled to an odd time (3:30). So I thought I could potentially even skip the party food if I had a good lunch at 1 and could hold until later to have dinner back at home.

But the party had no time to end, so we stayed until the later when I was planning to have dinner, which made me grab something to eat.
They had burgers and hot dogs. The burger patties had been made by the birthday lady and looked pretty safe. So when it was close to 7 and I was starting to get hungry again, I went for a patty that had no cheese on top and some lettuce and tomatoes. (no pictures. Didn’t even had my camera with me at the time…).

But that was not much, so when I got home almost at 9, I ended up fixing myself some little something else: 2 nori rolls with paleo mayo (I was dying to try it!), salad and prosciutto. The second roll got also a bit of compliant kimchi.


On Sunday I had a 5K to walk in the morning (yes, walk… I haven’t been training for running and my mom was doing it with me ;o) so I went for a protein breakfast of eggs with sun dried tomatoes and sausage a couple hours before the race.


After the race I had a Paleo Simplified Nutty Fruit Bliss bar.

Then, for lunch, we didn’t have enough pig for 6 at home, so we decided to go out for lunch before going to Costco to re-stock. We chose BJ’s Brewery where I had a Thai Chicken Mango salad, with no wonton crisps. I probably should also have asked with no vinaigrette. It was sweet. It could have been because of the mango, but I got the impression it was more than just the mango. But it was good! Avocado and sesame seed in the same salad made it really good!


For Sunday dinner we were 4 again, as my parents were back on their apartment, so we had the remaining of the Kalua pig (only a little was left after dinner for my kid’s lunch tomorrow), which I sided with ginger-lime cauliflower rice and a bit of salad greens.





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