Whole30, day 19

Tiger blood is on, although the heat makes it harder.

Today I had workout but at the end of class I felt a bit dehydrated (was feeling dizzy and slowed down a bit). But it was a fun class. AND… I was wearing my WHole30 t-shirt!!! I also brought some kalua pig to our trainer, Miss V, and she made sure to take a picture with me and the pig… hehe


Another cool thing that happened today was a call I got in the morning from a friend that doesn’t call me often. I was dropping the kids in school so I could not pick it up, but when I called back she said that she wanted to ask me questions about how I eat. Yay! That seems like an example of the ‘Lead by quiet example’ Dallas and Melissa talk about in It Starts with Food. We scheduled lunch, that ended up being cancelled by her, due to her not feeling well and deciding to go back home. Then later in the day she called me again and her problem was that her doctor has asked her to change her diet and cut all gluten stuff, added sugars, canola oil and some other items, and added probiotics and other supplements. She was on it for a couple of days and the change was wrecking havoc on her gut. She had diarrhea, migraine, felt weak. So she wanted to know from my experience if the same happened to me when I cut gluten. I said it did not, but I know it can me common and then we talked about new ingredients (coconut oil was the idea she likes the best), when to buy stuff and then I promised to send an email with the link to It Starts with Food and some other useful resources. Wish her gut heals fast and she feels tiger blood soon!

Then at the evening I had date night with hubby and I got to pick the restaurant because on his own words:

since you’re picky

I picked Lola restaurant in Seattle, which was close to Cinerama, where we would head to later, and seemed to have compliant items (did my homework again and checked the menus of several restaurants in the area). There were other options too, but I used to work close to Lola but had never been there, in spite of a strong curiosity about the place. So today I finally went to it. Don’t ask me what prevented me from going before. Nothing specific really, it just never happened. So I was glad to realize they had a menu that would work for me.

But going back a few hours, in the morning I had eggs with Pâtè de Campagne (pork liver pate) and some salad greens.


For lunch, after workout, I had a big salad I brought from home. It had greens (Organic Girl’s Super Greens), zucchini, pico, avocado, ground beef and (because the amount of beef I had was not too big) some of the kalua pig too. Then I dressed with the new dressing I bought yesterday, Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch. This is the third flavor I bought from them, and I guess it’s my favorite. After the salad I also had a banana.


Dinner was reserved for 8:45, so I really needed a snack before (like almost everyday anyways). Today I went for dried apples with no sugar added. It was a very small package I had in the car and I shared with hubby, but at least it helped until dinner time.

Then, dinner at Lola, it was actually hard to choose, because the portions were either too big or too small according to the waitress. From the big ones, she said the beef was for one person (my husband went for it) but the lamb would be too big for me. Does she think he eats that much more than I do (she does not know me ;o)? Or is the lamb really much bigger than the steak. But because we were going to the movies after dinner and I didn’t want to risk carrying bagged leftovers, I then went for a smaller salmon kabob, and ordered a side dish of asparagus (with no feta). It took a long time until I could eat because when she brough the food, the asparagus was all nicely sprinkled with feta. As soon as she laid it on the table she remembered (even before I said anything) and I had to wait all over again for the rightly made one. Good thing was that since it was her mistake, the asparagus was on them. Both the salmon (which came with grilled onions and a gremolata) and the asparagus (grilled with kalamata olives) were very yummy. It was a bit confusing, but still a good choice.




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