Whole30, day 18

The day was nice and warm, I went for a walk with some friends and ate good tasty food. Boredom seems to be going away ;o)

Today I consumed some of the items from yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods. Mostly the pico. It was a hot day and pico is all fresh and nice for days like that.

On my first meal I had it with eggs and avocado.


Then on my second meal I had it again with zoodles and ground beef. But this time I must admit it didn’t feel too good. I guess the tartness of the vinegar in the pico didn’t match the zoodles very well somehow. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t yummy either. Just ok.



Between lunch and dinner I had to snack again. So I tried the bison jerky from Epic and had also the Kit’s Organic apricot and sessame seeds bar.

On my last meal, I left the pico out. Since last night, my slow cooker was cooking a big batch of yummy kalua pig, which I served today with lemon-garlic stir-fried vegetables.
No fancy recipe here. Just a bunch of vegetables, some coconut oil, salt and pepper and a bit of Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.


To drink, same as always: coffee, infused water and Pellegrino…




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