Whole30, day 16

Today some of my cravings came back.

One of my goals this time for Whole30 was to cut coffee in the afternoon. I did and I craved it for the first week, then the craving was gone. But on the past weekend and also yesterday on our friend’s place, I ended up having some. So today I craved it again. Just a bit, not as bad as on week 1, but still did.

For some weird reason I also craved of those mixed fruits and veggies juices, like Naked, Odwalla, Evolution type of stuff… Maybe I’m getting bored of water? This craving was actually a bit stronger than the coffee one, but I was able to resist both. Other than that, all good.

For meal 1, I had my eggs poached on the leftover sauce from yesterday’s beef stew, and half an avocado. I even got compliments from my friend who typically says my food look ‘unappetizing’ to her… hehehe. But I guess is was the avocado, as her comment was:

those look good Gabi avocado on anything!


Then for lunch I wanted to bring something I made, but got lazy to make something for myself, so ended up bringing another box from Outside the Box (only 1 more left on my freezer!). This time is was a Pastelón or, on their own words, “Puerto Rican Style Sheperd’s Pie”, which was ground beef with veggies, topped with fried ripe plantains and a side of red chard. It was nice, but I guess I’m not a huge fan of plantains. They just don’t taste too good to me. Maybe I expect a moist sweet taste when I look at that banana shape, and then I get a dry non sweet taste that says nothing to me actually. Still worth a try though. 😉


For dinner I decided to cook some yummy meatballs with yucca as the binding ingredient. It was very good and it even pleased my picky-eater parents. At the side I had kale and butternut squash. But, I forgot to take pictures of my plate before devouring it, so I took a picture of the leftover meatballs (guess what we’ll have for dinner tomorrow?)



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