Whole30, day 15

Day 15!!! Half-way through! Yoo-hoo.

But it was actually not a great one in regards to not being in control of what I eat.

Meal 1 was ok. I’m back home, so had my eggs. This time I made them with sun-dried tomatoes, leeks and the last little pieces of Mother’s day tri tip.


But today is the Memorial Day holiday and we were invited by some friends to come over so the kids could have a play date and we could have an eating date. The guy is a great cooker who is sort of specialized in baking breads or other baking goods. I knew I was coming today and last week, when I confirmed our presence, I found a way to remind them of my eating habits (see post on Day 11). Then today when I got there, the table as set and it had several types of home-made rolls, a home-made focaccia, some Costco bread, hummus, a lentil-feta-tomato salad and several types of cheese. I looked at that and thought:

uh-oh! guess I’ll starve today.

But that was not really all of the food. The lady was still preparing a vegetables salad that she knew I’d eat (carrots, cucumber and tomatoes). Yay! And then later she also brought some meats. More specifically smoked salmon, salami and pastrami. For dessert they offered cantaloupes and raspberries.
Kudos to her! She did try!!! (the guy was more honest and at some point he joked saying:

Oh, so you’re the annoying picky guest…

To what I replied with a simple:

Yes, I am!



Later at home I researched the brands of the meats to which I noticed the brands and realized that they were NOT compliant (exactly like I thought… 😦 ). Salami was Columbus which is full of non-compliant items, such as milk solids, sugar, corn syrup, wine…. The salmon was Pacific Supreme, which happen to be neither Pacific nor supreme. It’s actually Atlantic farm-raised salmon and not only has sugar, but also some coloring. Ew! The pastrami was the only one I didn’t see the package, so my hopes still lay on it, but I must admit they’re very little hopes… At least some sugar or honey I’d guess it has. So non-compliant items again,. And bad ones this time (corn syrup? color? really?). But I still appreciate her attempt to please me. I really do! I mentioned I eat vegetables, fruits and meats and she made sure to have it all available. Bad me with this bad habit to research the internet… ;o)



For dinner, I was back in control and cooked myself a beef stew with potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, with coconut aminos, home-made tomato sauce and bone broth. As a side I had bok choy cooked on coconut oil and seasoned with a bit of alaea Hawaiian salt and ground black pepper.



To drink, the same as always: coffee and plain and sparkling water.


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