Whole30, Weekend 2 (days 13 and 14)

Another weekend and an even more challenging one, since we went on a road trip.

Before the trip I packed on compliant snacks, just in case we went hungry on the road or I couldn’t find any good restaurants. So in my snack pack I had a couple Epic Bars (beef habanero and lamb, since the others contain a bit of sugar in the cranberries), a couple fruits and nuts bar from a local company called Dragonfly Nutrition, macadamias, some carrots, grape tomatoes, cherries and strawberries. Not all of them was consumed, as we managed to find good places to eat. So by the end of the trip the items that did NOT come back were the strawberries, one Epic bar, one Dragonfly bar, a couple handfuls macadamias and some of the cherries. The veggies all came back intact and turned into dinner on Sunday evening, already at home.

The other way I prepared was to look for potentially compliant restaurants on the cities we were planning to stop. I had a list of 2 restaurants in Sequim and about 5 or 6 in Port Townsend. So I fell confident I would make it well.

Saturday morning we were still at home and I had my typical eggs, with some left over broccoli slaw.


Then we hit the road and the fun begun. Our route included a ferry ride, for which we had to wait for 2 hours. With that we ended up having a little snack before we arrived at the city. Mostly cherries, shared with the entire family (we were 6 in the car). On the way to Sequim, we stopped at Port Ludlow for lunch. I had not researched Port Ludlow, but nothing a cell phone app can’t help with. We went to The Fireside Restaurant, in Resort at Port Ludlow (not our hotel, though – they had no vacancy when we searched after a last minute decision to travel). The menu was not too big, but had some nice salads. I ordered a steak salad, ‘with no cheese, please’. I forgot though to ask ‘no dressing, please, just some olive oil’, which meant I probably had some sugar added on that meal. The dressing was a vinaigrette that tasted sweeter than I would have liked. But the salad itself was very good. Fresh local greens, nicely cooked flat iron steak, roasted tomatoes, cremini mushrooms….



Then we continued our trip and visited the Olympic Game Farms to see some animals at lose, while we were caged in our car. My car as slobbered by Yaks, bulls, llamas, but it was all good. In the farm we are allowed to feed the animals, but only with whole wheat bread. I try to teach family that animals should not eat bread because we don’t find bread in trees, then we get to a place like that and they say to feed the animals only bread… Oh well. It’s fun though, to have a big yak or bison come to your window to grab a slice of bread. Not right, but fun. And although I don’t agree I wouldn’t spoil the family fun for that. Bread is only a treat for the animals, and not all of them grab it anyways, preferring to go for the grass, which is pretty abundant there.



After feeding the animals sort of badly we stopped at their own cafe, where family had ice cream and I had half an epic bar and a fruit and nut bar.

Then we checked in at the hotel and searched for a nice restaurant. My list for Sequim was pretty small, so I started researching the list they gave us at the hotel. And we found an amazing place. The name of the restaurant is Blondie Plate and it was at the top of the list at Trip Advisor. Looking at their menu online I was sure that was a good one. The style is a bit like tapas, with small to medium portions that people could share a bit of each. The menu also listed the items that were gluten free and diary free, which helped me a lot.

My dad went for a full entree of salmon with salad and potatoes, the kids went for the sliders and my mom, myself and hubby ordered from the tapas menu. We didn’t share too much and each one eat what we picked, but I did try a bit of each.

For my mom, it was roasted potatoes with chimichurri sauce and a poached egg. For hubby, a braised pork with red coconut curry and cucumber salsa, and for me a lamb shank with hearty tomato sauce and local greens. All delicious!



So I made it to a good day 13, with potentially only a little sugar on my salad dressing on Meal 2.

Then on Sunday, breakfast at the hotel was not the biggest I had, but had eggs and fruits, so that’s what we went for. ;o)


Our first stop after checking out of the hotel was at Graymarsh Farms to pick some strawberries.


Then we went for a stroll in Port Townsend. Deciding where to have lunch there was a bit of a stress. Hubby wanted a cafe that had good local-sourced and organic pastries, but the only thing for me would be a fritatta. Which is fine. I’d had it gladly, although I would prefer something more satisfying. But when we started to order, they were out of the one item our kids would potentially eat from there. So we had to pick a different place, for my husband’s disappointment (he really wanted a quiche from that place!). We ended up going to a historical place, The Belmont, where the food was good, except the one hubby picked for himself. Poor guy. Not his day for lunch… For me, I ordered a Sockeye Salmon En Papillote, baked in parchment paper with vegetable medley (asparagus, green beans and carrots) and a lemon, caper, garlic and artichoke aioli. In this one I bet the aioli had canola, but canola is the kind of stuff that the rules of the program are flexible about, since we gotta eat out sometimes after all… so no big deal.



Then we had another long trip, doing a different and longer route to show my parents some of the nice scenery that they haven’t seen yet. I did snack again in the car, from my snack pack and some of the freshly picked strawberries, we managed to wash in the ferry boat.

Back home, I took the veggies we did not consume, mixed with a bit more I had in the fridge (leeks!) and made a medley seasoned with coriander. For the meat part, I thawed the leftover tri tip from Mother’s Day churrasco. So glad I froze it!!!



To drink I had basically coffee in the mornings, San Pellegrino or plain water with the other meals and in between meals.

Made through another full weekend with very little ‘accidents’!



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